Zette Design Challenge

A project I did for the Zette Design Challenge prompt for their product design roles in 2021. Zette’s goal is to create a seamless experience for readers who care about reading premium news without the hassle of signing up for multiple subscriptions. Readers who subscribe to Zette get access to a monthly bundle of article credits that they can use to unlock individually paywalled articles


Adobe XD, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, Illustrator


1 week


08 June 2021

Bringing down barriers to real news
Basic information that the user should know
How does the app work?
How does the app work?
How does it add value to me?
Sign Up

Landing Screen

iPhone 12 Pro Mockup copy

Screen 1

Basic Information that the user should know

Screen 2

How does the app work?
iPhone 12 Pro Mockup copy5

Screen 3

How does the app work?

Screen 4

How does the app add value for me?
iPhone 12 Pro Mockup 3

Screen 5

Sign Up – Element of surprise with the color & picture
iPhone 12 Pro Mockup copy2


The design system provides sufficient contrast ratio and adheres to WCAG & ADA guidelines. Below is a color proof to simulate Color Blindness (Deuteranopia)

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