Digital Accessibility

Digital design makes content on the web more attractive and easier to understand for many people. However, design can create major barriers for people when it is not accessible. Digital Access was born with a mission to provide equal access to digital content for everyone.

Digital Access aims to provide a platform to designers that help them learn more about making their designs more accessible. The platform provides tools, tips, and resources for designers in a clear form without overwhelming them. The website is easy to use, engaging, and has been built keeping its audience in mind.


8 Months

Project Type

Senior Year Thesis


UI/UX, Code


December 19, 2019

How it all started?

Making design accessible not just opens it up for all users, but it has a potential to improve design for everyone.

Play Video

They use screen readers that read aloud text on the screen

Most images are inaccessible unless there is an alt tag in the code

Most websites don’t have the alt tag on images because it is time consuming

Enter, my chrome extension

My chrome extension makes images on the web accessible for low-vision and blind individuals.

How does it work?

Select all images on the webpage and send them to Microsoft Azure

Receiving image descriptions in the form of JSON

Converting JSON into normal text

Adding the description as ‘Alt’ tag

Thesis 2

Creating a single platform for designers with everything about accessibility in design from best practices to resources without overwhelming the designer.

Draft 1

Critical Feedback on Draft 1

The website is very simple which is great for legibility, but if this website is for designers it should be something which they would enjoy using and want to spend time on. The website now is very comforting and easy, but it could use a little something more.

Reimagining the look

Draft 2

Developing the content & the website

Graduation & Next Steps

I’m currently hunting for a job in the tech industry. I’ve also applied for a lot of roles related to accessibility in design. I believe that my thesis gave me a lot of insight to make sure my designs are truly accessible and can make a difference in this world. I’d also love to further develop this project and keep adding new resources as I find them.

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