Date & Chill

 This app was created for Netflix + Adobe Creative Jam along with Nitya Kumar. The task was to create a third-party desktop app in 46 hours. We designed, Date & Chill, a dating app for movie buffs that helps them break the ice. 

We figured that connecting people who love the same shows & movies is a great conversation starter. The app uses data from your Netflix account. It shows you potential matches based on the shows you love and recommends you diverse content based on mutual interests.

Project For

Netflix + Adobe Creative Jam


46 Hours


22-24 June, 2020


Adobe XD

The Challenge

In 46 hours, design a third-party desktop web site or desktop app (not Netflix-branded) where the community can celebrate shared stories together through communal and authentic experiences.

Our Final Prototype

How we got here?

The Process

We initially started with listing out all the ideas and ways in which we can help people connect with each other. We ran a simple search of ‘community’ on the App Store and evaluated over 10 apps each and discussed our findings with each other to see how other apps were trying to build community. Based on our findings, we narrowed down towards making an innovative dating app that connected people.

Research & Analysis

We started asking users of dating apps about the problems they currently face and things that they disliked about their experience. Some main points that we learned during this period were:
We thought that we could bridge this gap by introducing a dating app that uses shows and movies that the user likes to recommend ice-breakers, give a topic to talk about and recommend content based on mutual interests to make virtual dates more engaging. We set on a mission to create a dating app for movie buffs.

Scope and constraints

Our scope was mainly limited to coming up with a prototype which was relevant, creative, and clearly addresses the brief with a consistent clear visual language that spoke to the target audience.


The biggest constraint to this project was that we only got 46 hours to research and design the complete app prototype while our college was still in session. We both alternated our sleeping schedule to complete this app on time. The first 34 hours were spent on ideation and research which the remaining 12 hours were spent designing the app.


We achieved all the goals that we had set with our research and build a dating community for movie buffs, where we suggest potential matches, help with conversation starters based on mutual interests to keep the conversation going and recommend content to make virtual dates more engaging.


The design system provides sufficient contrast ratio and adheres to WCAG & ADA guidelines. Below is a color proof to simulate Color Blindness (Deuteranopia)

Task Analysis & App Structure + -

Wireframes + -

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