Milk has become a contentious issue between generations, as parents try to get their kids to drink milk for health reasons, and kids only want to consume milk in their desserts and on their pizzas and enchiladas, which is not perhaps the healthiest way. My milk brand ‘Holy Cow’ seeks to bridge the generation gap by appealing to the younger generation with its quirky design and its ‘cool’ slang factor.

For the name of the brand, ʻHoly Cowʼ came to me in a flash of inspiration, loaded with cross-cultural and inter-generational contexts at multiple levels. In my country, India, cows are actually considered sacred or ʻholyʼ by the majority population. In fact, it is where the expression ʻholy cowʼ used to refer to institutions, practices and objects held sacred originated. On another level, the West uses the term ʻHoly Cow!ʼ as exclamatory slang. Thus, the name of the brand forges a cross-cultural connect.




Three weeks


Entire Project


Illustrator & Photoshop

Glass Bottles

Milk bottles are the traditional way of consuming milk in urban areas the world over. A milk brand would be incomplete without custom designed bottles and crate.

Holy Cow Project
Holy Cow Bottle Cap

Milk Cartons

A more economical packaging for the brand.

Brand Assets

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