Are you confused about the nuances of recycling? Does the greasy pizza box gets recycled or trashed? Do you ever wonder where the soiled paper napkins will go? These are some questions that cross my mind every day as I tried to sort out the household trash. After talking to a lot of people, I realized I wasnʼt the only one who got confused while sorting trash. Therefore, I decided to use my communication design skills and develop an app – Trashed.

Trashed aims at educating people about the right way to segregate and dispose of their trash. The app uses Google Vision & Amazon Rekognition to detect objects and classify them into different categories to assess their right way of disposal.


UI, Concept, Video


Sustainable Systems


December 19, 2018


XD, Illustrator, AfterEffects

The Probelm

An average person produces 4.3 pounds of waste per day. Now, imagine how much waste is produced if there are 7.7 billion people who live on this Earth. Diverting the waste from the landfills is the least we can do to save our mother earth. However, the confusion around disposing certain materials inhibits people from disposing them correctly. Further, disposing certain materials incorrectly may lead to contamination of other recyclable materials and which might lead to the whole lot being rejected by the recycling departments.

The Interface

The app interface is extremely easy to use and allows people to scan any kind of trash using the front camera of their smartphone. It then runs the object through the Google Vision & Amazon Rekognition database and classifies it within seconds. The app also offers object history of the scanned objects and simple tips to make the process quicker.

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